Celebrating Passover

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Passover 2019 begins at sundown on Friday, April 19, and ends Saturday evening, April 27. The first Passover Seder is on the evening of April 19, and the second Passover Seder takes place on the evening of April 20. Shomrei Torah Synagogue is hosting a Second Night Passover Community Seder, and we welcome your attendance. Click here for more information.

What is Passover?
Passover is a Festival of Freedom. It commemorates the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt, and their transition from slavery to freedom. The main ritual of Passover is the seder, which occurs on the first two nights (in Israel just the first night) of the holiday — a festive meal that involves the re-telling of the Exodus through stories and song and the consumption of ritual foods, including matzah and maror (bitter herbs). The seder’s rituals and other readings are outlined in the Haggadah — today, many different versions of this Passover guide are available in print and online, and you can also create your own.


Below you will find links to all the necessary information for Passover here at STS:

Passover Service Schedule BUTTON         Passover Seder BUTTON         Passover Chametz BUTTON         Passover Yizkor BUTTON

Best wishes to you and your family for a Chag Pesach Sameach from the Clergy, Staff and Board of Trustees of Shomrei Torah Synagogue.




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