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Creation Experience: The Final Journey In The Studio with Revital


If you'd like to donate to the Creation Journey project, you may do so from the Donations page of this website. Below are the suggested levels of participation, although all donations are gladly accepted:  Creation Journey Donation Enter your sponsorship level in the comments box

Grinders Guild $   100
Coppersmiths Guild $   500
Soldersmiths Guild $1,000


Join Revital in her studio to learn the craft of stained-glass and participate in building the Creation Journey Artwork©

There are 4 steps to creating a stained-glass panel: Cutting, Grinding, Coppering, and Soldering. Revital will cut all the glass and organize a production-line to grind, copper, and solder the glass that she cuts. Revital will teach you all of these skills in this 4-hour workshop in her studio, which is limited to eight participants per session. All workshops meet from 1:00 - 5:00 pm. The costs are as follows:

1st Time in the Studio: $36

2nd Time in the Studio: $18 (half off)

3rd Time (or more) in the Studio: Free

Register Here Select dates on our calendar. We look forward to your participation


By registering for this workshop, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following:

Stained-glass crafting involves glass shards and copper strips with sharp edges, flux acid, and hot soldering tools. Minor cuts and burns are common, as well as some glass dust and acid fumes. Revital will provide safety guidelines, gloves, masks, goggles, proper ventilation, and first-aid, but neither Revital nor STS is responsible for any injury sustained while at her studio.


Each workshop is limited to eight (8) participants. Must be 18 years of age or older.

Please register for no more than one workshop a week and no more than three workshops in advance. Workshops cost $36 for the first time in the studio, $18 for the second time, and are FREE the third and all subsequent times. Additionally, you can make a donation above and beyond the workshop fee, or you may donate without attending the workshops. Go to the STS calendar and click on any of the dates for more details.

These are the dates through December, 2017. There will be additional workshops beginning in January. Please visit the STS calendar to register for your selected date(s).

  Sunday, Dec 10
  Tuesday, Dec 12
  Thursday, Dec 14
  Sunday, Dec 17
  Tuesday, Dec 19
  Thursday, Dec 21
  Sunday, Dec 24
  Tuesday, Dec 26
  Thursday, Dec 28


Before Arriving at the Studio:

  • It is highly recommended that participants protect themselves against Tetanus. Please consider boosting your existing Tetanus protection (if obtained more than 5 years ago) or getting a Tetanus shot (if your last shot/boost was more than 10 years ago).
  • Expect to get dirty; very dirty. Please wear your shabbiest clothes and closed shoes.
  • Revital’s Studio is at 20643 Quedo Drive, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
  • Her cellphone: 818-458-9389. She looks forward to seeing you there!



Revital Somekh Goldreich is an award winning Judaic artist and scholar

RevitalShe specializes in teaching biblical texts and their interpretations through visual arts. Her artwork is visual commentary on our foundational texts. In her workshops, Revital seeks to democratize

the study of such texts and to join with participants in finding relevant meanings and lessons in them.

For more information on Revital and her work, please visit her website at or call Revital at 818-458-9389



History of The Creation Journey

This past year participants created concept drawings with Revital in workshops to create a blueprint for a stained glass project to be installed at  Shomrei Torah Synagogue. Join the journey and attend our workshops as we continue to work with Revital Somekh Goldreich our Artist/Scholar in residence for 2017-2018. Sign up for the stained glass workshops beginning this Fall 2017.

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