"Tzedakah and acts of kindness are equivalent to all the mitzvot of the Torah"


The Six Pillars of Shomrei Torah Synagogue (General Fund)

Help support Shomrei Torah Synagogue where our programming and values rest on the foundation of six pillars of sacred thought. Shomrei Torah Synagogue thanks you for your generosity and support.

Clergy Discretionary Funds

Donations to the Clergy Discretionary Fund are used to aid with individual, educational or any other needs of the STS congregation and community. They help assist families in times of need with funds, food, or other essentials to get through a difficult time or situation. 

Rabbi Richard Camras Discretionary Fund

Cantor Jackie Rafii Discretionary Fund

Memorial & Yahrzeit Funds

Memorial funds honor the memory of a member of the community with projects they were passionate about. Yizkor donations are traditionally made to this fund when a person is reciting the Yizkor prayer on the anniversary date of the passing of a loved one (Yarhzeit). It is a special way of honoring the memory of a loved one. A contribution to STS helps to ensure that the synagogue will be there to continue to provide a warm and nurturing place for the mourner to be able to perform the mitzvah of reciting the Yizkor prayer. Order a Memorial Plaque for recognizion on the wall in Heytow chapel. Download the form here and make the payment online or by check to STS.

Prayer Book Dedication

Help support our prayer book fund. Each dedication will appear on a book plate inside the front cover of the Humash, Siddur or Machzor.

STS Tzedakah Funds

Click Donate Now to choose from the following funds: Abayudaya FundCommunity of CaringEzra FundSocial Action Fund.


HaShoah Yellow Candle

Your donation supports the distribution of Yom HaShoah memorial candles to the entire congregation, as we remember the Six Million.

Creative Arts and Culture Fund

Bringing the best in music, art, performance and culture to Shomrei Torah Synagogue.

Art and culture bring beauty into our lives in new and imaginative ways. They express the language of the soul and open a window to the sacred, teaching us to see the holy in the ordinary.  Your gift to this fund will help us to envision, create, and build upon a wide variety of innovative cultural programs at STS.  

Youth & Education Funds

Donations made to these funds are used to augment the programs with additional educational or enrichment materials. This affords our members opportunities to participate in synagogue as well as community programs. Our youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow – m’dor l’dor – we will give our youth of today the foundation to build for future generations.

STS Community Groups

Click Donate Now to make a contribution to one of our affiliate community groups:

USY/Youth Department

Men's Club


HAZAK Seniors


General Fund

Donations are an integral part of Shomrei Torah Synagogue Fundraising. It is through generous donations we are able to welcome everyone that wants to become part of our synagogue family to join STS regardless of their ability to pay. We are an important part of the community and we open our doors to all who want to enter into a vibrant Jewish life and a place to derive comfort from the knowledge and practice of our rituals and traditions.

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