Israel At 70: Beyond The Headlines

Go beyond the headlines to learn how Israel and Israelis are changing in the modern era, with Rabbi Avi Novis Deutsch, Dean of the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary.

Mon Apr 9, 2018
7:45 pm -  9:30 pm
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Event description:

We are accustomed to reading a particular view of Israel in the news but seldom have a chance to see beyond the headlines to the people and society within. As Israel celebrates its 70th birthday what are the challenges it faces and upon what successes can it build? Learn the ways Israel and Israelis are changing in the modern era. 

Rabbi Avi Novis Deutsch is the Dean of the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary. Ordained as a Masorti rabbi by the SRS in 2003, Rabbi Deutsch also has an M.A. in Jewish Studies from JTS. He served for nine years as a pulpit rabbi at two Masorti congregations in Israel, most recently, at Haminyan Hamishpachti Masorti Kfar Veradim. Rabbi Novis-Deutsch also worked for two years as a Jewish educator in Berkeley and in the Bay Area. He was a Fellow at the Mandel Institute for Educational Leadership and spent eight years in yeshiva study. He lives on Kibbutz Hanaton with his wife and children.

Israel at 70 Beyond The Headlines


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