The Six Pillars of Shomrei Torah Synagogue

Shomrei Torah Synagogue is a Kehillah Kedosha, a sacred community, where our programming and values rest on the foundation of six pillars of sacred thought. Listen to Rabbi Camras describe each of our six pillars



Pillar1Knowing Before Whom You Stand -

דע לפני מי אתה עומד

Da Lifnei Mi Atah Omed Nurturing and developing a relationship with God enhances our spiritual well being and enriches our existence.

Pillar4Opening Our Hands to Those in Need - 

פותח את ידך

Poteach Et Yadecha:  Actively engaging in caring for others gives us a sense of belonging, purpose and a feeling of value.




Pillar2Learning and Teaching - 

ללמד וללמד

Lilmod u'Lelamed:  As learners and teachers, each individual engages in the wisdom of our rich tradition through the study of Torah.

Pillar5Supporting Israel - 

בונה ירושלים

Bonei Yerushalayim:  Creating meaningful ways to cultivate connections to Israel, our Jewish homeland.




Pillar3Upholding and Practicing Mitzvot - 

לשמור ולעשות

Lishmor v'La'asot:  Practicing mitzvot connects us as a people to God, each other, our community and our world.

Pillar6Celebrating with Community - 

לששון ולשמחה

L'sasson u'L'simcha:  Celebrating the joy of Jewish life strengthens our sense of community and creates our congregation's shared memory and history




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